Estrella War Archery and Thrown Weapons

  • Tuesday 9am-12pm Open practice range
  • Tuesday 1pm-5pm Open practice range
  • Wednesday 9am-12pm Open practice range
  • Wednesday 1pm-5pm Royals officially opening the Scenarios Range
  • Thursday 9am-12pm Ivarr’s Annual Estrella War Traditional Shoot
  • Thursday 1pm-5pm Queen’s Champion Shoot
  • Friday 9am-12pm Clash of the Titans Estrella Champion qualifying shoot
  • Friday 1pm-5pm Barony of Atenveldt Prize Shoot
  • Saturday 9am-12pm Estrella Championship Finals – Zombie Shoot
  • Saturday 1am-5pm KRA Prize Shoot – All Things Arthurian

Basic Schedule for Adults

Youth Archery

Thursday: 9:00 am-Noon

Friday:      9:00 am – Noon

Saturday:   9:00am – Noon

As before, Thursday and Friday is for teaching rules, range etiquette and target practice using standard target faces. Saturday morning there will be a tournament with 1 winner going to each of the following age groups; Ages 5 -7, 8-10 and 11-13

Note: Children or youth older than age 13 are welcome to come and shoot with the younger kids but may find it too slow or boring and are encouraged to shoot with the adults.

Scenarios for the tournament will be Sword in the Stone themed.

This year, the winners will receive a scroll presented by a crowned dignitary or other representative as determined by the KRA and the EW Mains, on the rage at noon on Saturday after the tournament.  

Thrown Weapons

  • Tuesday 1pm – 5pm Open Range for Practice
  • Wednesday 9am – 5pm Open Range for Practice & First Time Throwers Orientation
  • Thursday 9am – 5pm Open Range for Practice & Marshal Training
  • Friday 9am – 11:30am Open Range for Practice & Marshal Training
  • Friday 1pm – 4pm Ladies Tournament
  • Saturday 9am – 11:30am Open Range for Practice, Youth Tournament
  • Saturday 1pm – 4pm Estrella War Tournament

Children 8 years old and up are allowed with Parent/Legal Guardian. Parent/Legal Guardian must stay with child at the Range

Range will be open from 9am to 5pm Wednesday to Saturday. Practice and Training during open Range Time, unless a Competition is in progress

NOTE: It is recommended throwers wear closed toed shoes.