Estrella War Site Change 2022

Estrella War Site Change 2022

Greetings to you all on this glorious Thursday, the 24th of April, A.S. LIV being 2020 by the current reckoning from your Royals, the Main Estrella Staff and the Office of the Seneschal.

It is likely that you have heard of a change to our kingdom’s beloved Estrella War and we wished to provide everyone with the same information as quickly as possible. Rest assured that Atenveldt will host a magnificent war in the year 2021 at the Schnepf Farms site. We encourage all to attend and look forward to a week of fighting and merriment that will be spoken of for years to come. We urge you to continue in your efforts to prepare for and enjoy the next Estrella.

Our next priority is to safeguard the best interests of Atenveldt, her people and the Knowne World that are represented annually at Estrella War. Please know that what we know now or anticipate for the future is subject to change. We will continue to share information with you as progress is made.

FAQ: Current information

Why is the Estrella War moving from Schnepf Farms?

Schnepf Farms is a private and active business.  The owners of the farm realized that their income potential is significantly greater with higher peach production, an expanding wedding business, and private renters.  Therefore, they have opted not to renew our contract beyond their current obligation through 2021.

Can we just pay more for the contract by increasing site fees?

In addition to the ability to create income through the items listed above, there are significant costs to repair the site after a group our size camps for upwards of 11 days. Further, housing projects being built adjacent to the farm will likely create issues of their own in the near future. An increase to site fees would not resolve the business issues, nor our concerns for the eventual feasibility of the site.

Can we keep the site if we move the weekend?

The weekends around Estrella have been balanced with agreements in other kingdoms to prevent calendar conflicts. Regardless, Schnepf Farms is no longer an option for the Estrella War event so it is unlikely we will change the Estrella War dates.

Can we just move back to one of our old Estrella sites?

We will be exploring all site options, historic and new. While neither the Estrella Park nor the Canyon Moon Ranch sites have been available for our use in recent years, we will investigate options everywhere that might be feasible.

FAQ: New Site requirements

Do we already have a site in mind?

We do not currently have a site confirmed and are looking forward to hearing about the selections available to us before entering into any agreements.

Should we initiate a conversation with site owners or a site finding campaign?

We ask all of you NOT to contact potential site owners for solutions. This is largely because we are still in a discovery phase to confirm our absolute needs/wishes and we have no wish to overwhelm potential sites with inconsistent questions or commitments. See below for our minimums, our current list of presumed needs and the contact information where you can send your proposal.

What are the minimum requirements for a new site?

From an acreage perspective, we know that a minimum of 80 acres is required in order to accommodate all of our camping, merchant’s row, battle and archery areas, parking, etc. To facilitate growth as well as opportunity to create a variety of layouts, 120 acres or more is ideal.

In addition to the list above, note that we need to consider items such as:

  • Roads in and out
  • Camping areas with ability to stake tents
  • Availability to be on site from initial set up to last tear down
  • Potable water
  • Wet and Dry RV areas
  • Drainage capability
  • Proximity to airport, hospitals and supplies

Who do we contact if we think we know a site that meets all these needs?

We are still collecting information and will be making a concerted effort to explore new sites presented sooner rather than later. If you believe you have a location or have any further suggestions, feedback or ideas, please send details to the Kingdom Deputy Seneschal – Estrella War Site/Cartography Coordinator, Master Gavin McLaren at

We hope to see you soon and will be continuing to share information with you as we make progress.

Many thanks and well wishes to you all!

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